What do we mean by vintage? Well that probably depends on who you ask! A vintage car collector will give you a different definition from a vintage French wine producer! When it comes to clothes (although even here you will find disputes!) Generally speaking, clothing which was produced before the 1920s is referred to as antique clothing while clothing from the 1920s to up to 20 years before the present day is considered vintage. Having got the timeline sorted, does the clothing of the period identified actually have to be genuine original article (original vintage), or a reproduction (repro vintage)? Or even a new design which incorporates a recognisable element of vintage style (contemporary vintage?). Again, this is arguable. For[…]

Massaging is considered as traditional method of healing. Not just healing, various massaging techniques with an aim to rejuvenate body as well as mind of the persons. This helps gaining better immunity power and mental positivity. You shall explore the true meaning of traditional Ayurvedic massage at massage centre in Egmore. Traditional process for massaging has been followed by veteran masseurs. Different pressing and rubbing techniques are used to soothe bone joints and muscles. Chronic pains, muscle aches, joint pains and spinal cord related diseases can be completely as well as partially healed with proper massaging sessions. Most importantly, massaging has positive effects on the minds. You shall start feeling more motivated, energetic and highly rejuvenated after undergoing traditional Indian[…]

Not all people have the same needs. Each person has a unique taste and preference. Selecting a mattress depends on the height of a person and also the number of people that will be occupying it. Based on these factors there is the availability of customized mattress in the stores. Be it a retailer or an online store they take up orders and make customized mattresses. All ranges from single cot mattresses to queen sized beds are available in the market everywhere. Customization in any product gives a great feeling to the people. They believe it is made just for them unlike the other common products. This gives a different feel to the product or the object that they will[…]

Everyone is waiting for their turn to make them relaxed and move away fromstress in the form of massage or spa to the mind and body, but waiting for a long timeis also a kind of fear ahuman is forcing them into. The all new branch of salon and spa is here to provide their best services to the esteemed customers. Have you ever heard of Best Hotel and Resort Spa Deals in Pondicherry? If not then book an appointment with the branded salon in the region. The salon exclusively offers aselection of packages to the customers directly and it based on category. Benefits of Membership: Recently the company has been rated as one of the Best Hotel and Resort[…]